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Shipping icons, crosses and other itens starts at $1.99!


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Welcome to our orthodox store!
It is one of the most complete sources of Wooden Handmade, Cardboard and Amber Icons, Crosses and Pendants that made of silver, gold, wood, leather and brass.
We also offer a wide range of Holy Cards, Prayer Chotki Rosary Beads, Biblical Bracelets, Orthodox jewellery, and many other Christian handcrafted relics.
The Goal is to bring more products and gift options to Orthodox Christians, and to spread the Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Our cheap and affordable prices would surprise you.
Our prices for small cardboard icons are as low as $0.50 USD.
You also can save your money by buying a cheaper yet more valuable Wooden, Silver or Amber Orthodox Relic at our online store.
Shipping is fast and safe. It starts only at $1.99 USD.
Enjoy Shopping With Us!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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